Monday, March 28, 2011


It’s been a month since I came back from Goa. One of the weirdest and greatest trips in my life.

Weird because of the way I made my decision switching from NO NEVER to paying the fees. Great because it was way above the best case scenario I had on my mind.

Hmmm men wain abdi? Day one wel 6ayara eli shakilha maywasil 7ita el-Khiran wela me being the first to check-in men bain ligroup :P o elsalat bel lounge o waray lib6oul o:) 6al3at downtown Goa wel cruise or Day 2 laman re7na el-beach wel speed boat o end our trip eb spices planetary no wait there was an amazing dinner i could never forget well how about day 3? anyone for free lesson followed by Youga class!! "imaZine and cound ur fingaZ" 3ogba the snake guy o saturday market.

Day four laman 5 of us re7na near by market to shop o 6ala3t men warah eb flavoured Tea ;) khatamta eb another unforgetable dinner And last but not least the final day eli men 3ogba sar feeni well lets stay just one more day i dont wanna leave this group ;(

To all who had a hand in this trip from the bottom of my heart thank you very much to all who i harmed by a word, action or ever a look im so sorry and i didnt mean to.

One of my friends told me "chenik wayed athaitna eb Goa!! shda3wa 3ad kilha India" chan agoula "takhayal ena kil yoom u wake up go to work and sniff diesel o burning oil then faja'a u wake up and smell the ocean" fakar shwaya chan yaskit with big smiiiiile ;)

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